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N'Dri Speed Development offers speed and agility training program for all ages and sports. It starts with an individual evaluation to determine the specific needs of each athlete and tailors the routine to their goals. All the sessions are lead by Coach Eric N'Dri, a professional athlete and winner of gold, silver and bronze medals from numerous international championships. N'Dri applies his experience and knowledge from 16 years on the professional athletic stage to carefully guide his trainees towards higher goals and ultimate success. Individual sessions, group session, body mechanics evaluation, 40-yard training, speed training camps are some of the services offered by NSD.
NSD's training methodology applies to all sports and all levels of experience. Whether you need to achieve high athletic goals in varsity, football, baseball, soccer, tennis, or you are just looking to tune in your personal wellness program, NSD has the right tools to make you faster and better. Coach Eric N'Dri is not an advocate of the "one size fits all" approach. He cares about each athlete under his guidance and makes sure they receive all the attention and effort they deserve.


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